Growing Up with Mekenzie

Growing Up with Mekenzie I get the honor to write the first post in my Daughter's Blog and introducing you to one of the most remarkable people I know.  Yes, she is smart, beautiful and she'll always be mine. Writing a chronological timeline would logically seem prudent as her father, reminiscing about her past and embarrassing her with photos and accomplishments would be an easy, fun task.  But as I'm writing this post, I realize that Mekenzie has become and will always be my friend as well as my kid and because she's more intelligent and creative, I find myself asking her advice when my father instinct will allow. I will, however, dwell into her past for a brief moment for a background understanding of what I've had the pleasure of participating in for over twenty years with Mekenzie.  Like many of our children in the 21st Century, my daughter is a great student in school and life.  She's NEVER been one to take things halfway, her intellect won'